Stephan Caras & Kyriako Caras

Stephan Caras was born in Greece and educated in Australia, where he attended the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. Stephan’s career includes designing with formidable fashion houses such as Guy Laroche and Hermés.

Stephan Caras’ status as a top tier designer has recently earned him a spot in CEO World Magazine and Runway Magazine’s “List of World’s Top 20 Fashion Designers” as well as the “Top 25 Most Beloved and Inspiring Fashion Designers of the World”.

Kyriako Caras, and co-designer, designs as part of a lifelong synergy and interplay between design, expression, and beauty. Kyriako now designs alongside Stephan Caras representing the CARAS that is defined by luxurious fabrics and elegance.

Feminine sensuality defines the CARAS philosophy of design. Never influenced by trends, and inspiration is driven by the femininity that women exude.