Luis Padilla moved to Toronto in 2012 to pursue a second career in Fashion Design. His role model was his grandfather from whom he learned design, bespoke shoemaking, and that success is to be passionate and proud of what you do every day. Luis’ main inspiration is the constant change and that force that pushes us to explore, to experience and feel new sensations, emotions, feelings and perceive beauty in all its forms. Due to the hunger of curiosity, Luis needs to be in constant evolution and change; his work is influenced by different objects, currents, and art movements that man creates through time.

Currently, he is enrolled in Fashion Design studies and his latest work is influenced by geometry and architecture with inorganic forms, the dark, the mysterious and the universe that in a way, seems to be devoid of life and so different from what we know on this planet but that is part of it by itself.

Additionally, Luis recently started a project with his partner named Androgyny / Fashion Design; Which is based on the creation of unisex clothing and accessories; Using 100% natural materials of the highest quality and that do not need water for cleaning and care.
The name of the project is born of the need that society has today to stop labeling every individual. This project aims to transmit the essence of the human being as one, a human being that is progressing, in constant evolution and that goes hand in hand with modernity in a responsible way and totally linked to the essence of life. Androgyny goal is to influence people to stop thinking that fashion, modernism, constant change and evolution of the human being are not fighting against living a green lifestyle.