From High Tech to High Chic

The 80s, Beirut: A natural talent at a young age, Mikael Derderian was surrounded by creativity and design. Far advanced beyond his years, when he wasn’t studying within the boundaries of school, he found himself exploring his skills within his parents’ workshop. The son of a Canadian-Armenian father and Lebanese mother, who worked together designing as well as manufacturing children’s clothing, the blood line of fashion ran thick within the eager young designer. Taking solitude within the sanctuary of his parent’s workshop, Mikael Derderian felt very much at home. His imagination sprang to life from tracing patterns, cutting and manipulating fabrics, or even the very first skirt he designed and brought to life.

The 90s, Montreal: During the unfortunate outbreak of war in their homeland of Lebanon, his family was forced to migrate; seeking refuge into what would become their future home country of Canada. Mikael Derderian immediately adapted to his new surroundings and advanced in his educational endeavors. He majored in multiple disciplines from science, to film and even philosophy, but finally, graduating with honors and receiving a marketing and business degree. This opened the door to a position as brand manager at a major fashion house. At this turning point in his life, the designer recalls that he realized the obvious: that his future lies in the fashion world. With his natural thirst for knowledge, and fashion on his mind, he took the initiative to return and pursue his studies at LaSalle College in Montreal, famous for its international school of fashion, arts and design, where he honed his taste, style, and his proficiency in fashion computer aided design.

2000’s, Here, there and elsewhere: Given his family background, education, and his dynamically absorbent mind and with five spoken languages – fluent in English, French, Arabic, Armenian and Spanish. Mikael Derderian had the opportunity to work with a number of internationally renowned fashion houses across the globe, including industrial groups as well as Couture houses, as he broadened his experience and developed his techniques and skills.

2010s, Everywhere: In 2012, Mikael Derderian took a leap of faith and by believing in his personal ability he established his own private label, MIKAEL D.
His influential line is based on collections that intertwine myriad cultural influences from Montreal to Beirut, Italy and France…The result is accomplished excellence that knows no boundaries, yet with a true sense of identity all its’ own. For this is the material of an exacting haute couture ethos and magical vitality coupled with a spur of contemporary energy.
His first collection, which featured seven dresses literally “dressed up to the nines”, captured both the eye and imagination, in a glorious tribute to the female silhouette. It was an unqualified success.
Since then, the designer has expanded his collections and the number of sales outlets – from Neiman Marcus to Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Avenue, Holt Renfrew and many more…
His work continues to glitter in the spotlight, at red carpet events, and gala evenings attended by such stars as Halle Berry, Mariah Carey, Shakira, Kylie Minogue and a host of other celebrities who have chosen to wear the outstanding craftsmanship of MIKAEL D

Mikael Derderian draws his inspiration from a wide variety of sources; from architecture, an exhibition, a work of art or even an auction for antique lace, the possibilities are endless. He also masters the design process to perfection, every step of the way. It is this expertise and know-how, from workshop to runway that set him apart from all others.