Bold Eyes & Lips

Thought you couldn’t wear a bold lip and eye? Think again.

The burgundy lips look isn’t exactly a new trend for fall, but Maybelline took it to the next level by pairing it with a gold smokey eye. The key to mastering this look is to keep the rest of the face as natural as possible to make sure that your lips and eyes are the center of attention. This dramatic look is perfect for special occasions and guarantees to make you the star of the night.


The dramatic trends were not exclusive to makeup and hair, ESSIE showed us how to add a twist to the all-time classic red nails. Take this all-time classic to the next level by giving your nails an ombre effect with a dark burgundy color at the tips, just like ESSIE artists did for the KQK show.

To achieve this ombre effect, simply paint a stripe of red and a stripe of burgundy into a makeup sponge, and sponge this into your nail. Reapply as necessary and finish off with a top coat to blend it in and add a glossy look to your nails.


Gold lips were the epitome of cool at the Luis Padilla show.

Pair them with your favorite cream blush or, even better, rub a little bit of your favorite lipstick on the apples of your cheeks to balance out the metallic lips and create a more fresh and youthful look.


Smokey eyes are not going anywhere this fall.

But this season, think of messy shadows and gray tones that bring a ‘late night, early morning’ feeling. In other words, don’t worry about doing it perfectly and have fun with it.


Colour was very present on the catwalks, and this dark burgundy look was definitely one of our favourites. Try this look by using a shimmery shadow to add a fun and romantic feeling to any ensemble. Follow Maybelline’s example and apply a gold shadow on the inner corners of your eyes to brighten up your face and create a more energetic look.

Finish off this look with a half-moon French manicure. Nail trends for this Fall 2017 are all about playing with negative space. ESSIE used a metallic gold line to separate the negative space at the cuticle from the dark red colour at the tip.


Fall beauty trends are a balancing act between elegance and drama, and Maybelline stole the show when they gave our favourite eyeliner look a twist by drawing a second wing just over the crease, creating a look that contours and elongates the eyes.


More is more with this new Fall 2017 beauty trend. Take the basic single colour eyeshadow look up a notch by applying the eyeshadow over the crease and under the lower eyelashes for a glamorous day look. Remember to keep the rest of the face natural to make the eyes the centre of attention. You can use your favourite bold colour for night, or use earthy tones during the day like the one that Maybelline used for Peggy Sue.

Written By: Maria Natalia Rodriguez
Photography By: Nicholas Merzetti