This season marked a special occasion, as TW (Toronto Women’s Fashion Week) was officially introduced into the TOM* family for the very first time.  15 incredible designers showed their collections with overwhelming success.  While each designer clearly had their own distinct signature, we shrewdly noticed certain styles in heavy rotation throughout all three days of runway – and when they are hot here, they are hot everywhere.  Consider us inspired.  Here are the top trends we spotted:

This trend takes the cake for popularity, making an appearance in every single collection.  Once reserved for the bold, asymmetry has slowly trickled into the mainstream, proving it has a lot to offer any closet – originality and edge are the just the tip of the iceberg.  Asymmetry is also widely versatile, and a chameleon in its ability to appear on a garment of any size, shape or style.  Best of all, it directs attention, so use it to your advantage and draw all the focus to your best features.  Got great shoulders?  Slip on an off-the-shoulder piece.  Legs for days?  Beeline for skirts with asymmetrical hems or slits.  We’re telling you, it’s magic.

Di Carlo Couture, KQK, Stephan Caras @ TW

Panels + Mixed Materials

While classic pieces will always be in style, we spotted tons of panels and mixed materials on the catwalk, suggesting that clean garments are getting a striking makeover.  These two styles were married together so often – with panels featuring contrasting materials and mixed materials featuring panels – that we figured they wouldn’t mind sharing the spotlight.  We’ve already seen stripes take over athleisure, so naturally it was only a matter of time before this style reached the next level.  The beauty in this specific trend lies in its ability to transform any piece without disrupting its structure.  So go ahead and stick to your beloved go-to’s – simply shop the same pieces in one (or both) of these finishes and voila!  Upgraded and on trend.  Winning!

Louis Padilla, Rachel Sin @ TW


Boho is back (did it ever leave?).  Fringe is a fun addition to your favourite pieces and plays well with others.  We first saw it make waves on the market with raw hems on jeans and we all know how that turned out – awesome! And still going strong.  This trend picked up speed as it went along and we witnessed it taking over the runways this season.  From subtle and short to long and bold, there is literally a fringe for every taste and effect – chic, funky, whimsical, edgy, rebellious.  Keep the rest of your outfit simple for a subtle dip or go full throttle for a bigger splash.  Bonus: fringe also works incredibly well as an embellishment on shoes and accessories such as bags.  Have fun sashaying down the catwalk, oops we mean the street.

Evan Biddell, Hendrixroe @ TW

High Collars

So long, cleavage.  Turtlenecks, boat necks, crew necks, Victorian collars and collared button-ups all dominated the runways this season, inviting the return of mystery.  This demure trend highlights silhouettes in an elegant, lady-like way and is suitable for just about every occasion.  Flatter your figure by pairing high collars with trousers or skirts that fit at the natural waist, or incorporate a contrasting trend with a bit more flash (ruffles and frills, sheer, or fringe) to keep the look sizzling.

Peggy Sue, David Dixon @ TW


If you like to show it off (and are totally over the style above already), this trend is your new best friend.  It brings the heat to any outfit – we definitely felt the temperature rising with all the extra flashes of skin.  From overlays on skirts to panels on shirts and sleeves, this versatile trend can be sly and subtle, or head-turning and cheeky.  Giving a peekaboo effect, sheer panels will immediately draw eyes.  Wear as much or as little as you dare.

Zoran Dobric, Lesley Hampton @ TW

Ruffles + Frills

Clothing is about to get a lot more feminine.  We saw ruffles and frills make cameos on sleeves, across shirts, even on pants.  The key to this trend is structure and size – large ruffles and frills look modern and stylish, anything too teeny-weeny can veer into cutesy toddler territory if not paired correctly.  Play it up with feminine colour palettes and enjoy the romantic look it creates, or pair with boyish trousers for that chic pull-of-opposites look.

Mikael D, Evan Biddell @ TW

Statement Jewelry + Hair Accessories

Accessories are swinging away from minimalism and towards chunkier pieces.  This trend wasn’t hard to spot, and that was exactly the point.  Jewelry and accessories were amped up this season – big, bold and ready to make a statement.  We saw locks decorated with clips, ribbons, headbands, ornaments and more.  Chunky jewelry was paired with just about every kind of look – a testament to its versatility.  We suggest playing with one or two pieces at a time to keep this look from going overboard.  Bigger is better when it comes to accessories this season, and judging by how well these pieces photographed, we’re okay with that.

David Dixon, Joseph Tassoni @ TW

Matching Separates

We saw an array of matching sets and separates on the runway – surfacing as formal suits, tracksuits and everything in between.  These effortlessly-chic pieces were spotted in a mix of patterned and solid finishes, and in a multitude of styles and fabrics, generously offering something for every occasion.  Thanks to this trend, you can officially take the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning.  Go on, hit the snooze a few more times and you’ll still arrive at your day looking put together.

Zoran Dobric, Rachel Sin, Hendrixroe @ TW

High-Low Hems

Having some fun with hems and cuts, there was a clear wave of high-low skirts and dresses across the board – we even saw high-low hems appear on a coat or two (to our delight).  Charming and feminine, this trend is a modern twist on the whole business-in-the-front, party-in-the-back idea.  Here, the party is in the front and we like to party.

Miriam Baker, Shelli Oh @TW

Wide Leg Pants

If skinny jeans are the young, cool kid, then consider wide leg pants their classier, more sophisticated sibling.  While this cut can be intimidating to some, when worn right, it works wonders for the figure and is fantastically forgiving.  The key is to find a flattering rise (mid-to-high for most) and to match appropriate footwear to the length – heels are a must if trousers are extra long.  Slip on this luxurious trend and say hello to a new, elegant you.

Roch Matuszek, Di Carlo Couture @ TW

Written By: Suzanna Ornoch
Photography By: Shayne Gray & Che Rosales