The first day of TW runways was most certainly notable, featuring both classic designs with a modern twist alongside a range of unconventional and eclectic looks. Six different designers took to the runway with exceptional pieces for the Fall/Winter season. Here is a breakdown of the night’s events:


 Luis Padilla @ TW

Luis Padilla @ TW

The first designer to showcase his collection was Luis Padilla. Full of geometric shapes, his Fall/Winter collection truly exhibited a dark universe combined with an architectural influence. Structured coats and sweaters with geometric graphics or shapes were paired with oversized skirts or harem-style pants, showcasing an androgynous influence. Each look was complete with slicked back hair, galaxy-inspired makeup in perfect symmetry and matched with standout shoes. Padilla’s revolutionary designs were an excellent way to kick off a night of even more creative fashion.


Shelli Oh @ TW

The elegant and charming designs of Shelli Oh were next to grace the runway. Delicate skirts and dresses were paired with textured blazers and edgy coats that toyed with standard hemlines and contrasted traditionally feminine designs. Additionally, the line featured a broad range of lace and sheer material with dainty collars and unique detailing that highlighted the influence of theatre and ballet. Each look was matched with slick short hairstyles for an androgynous twist to an effeminate collection and presented against a gorgeous purple background with images of crystals and light. The finale featured the most perfect black and white patterned gown that was absolutely Oscar-worthy and kept everyone in awe- a perfect ending to a truly ravishing show.


Picadilly Presents: David Dixon @ TW

Next up to the runway was Picadilly presents: David Dixon, which proved to be a brilliant way to showcase tonal dressing and versatility. The contemporary line was received with much praise and excitement, featuring a variety of wearable fashion with simplistic silhouettes and key pieces styled in multiple ways. The modern take on the 60s era of clothing displayed a range of structured coats paired with oversized pajama-style pants or long skirts to turtlenecks paired with fringe earrings and flowing scarves. This show was a clear hit and definitely sparked our motivation to mix up classic looks with the latest Fall/Winter fashion trends.


 Rachel Sin @ TW

Rachel Sin @ TW

Professional attire doesn’t have to be boring. Rachel Sin is an expert at amping up traditional office outfits into contemporary and stylish looks versatile enough to wear in or out of a professional setting. The designs of her Fall/Winter collection featured multiple structured yet feminine dresses in bold blue, black, light blue and a blush pink. Additionally, she introduced a range of other designs such as patterned loose trousers, pastel blazers, cut-out dresses, lace-up dresses and crop tops. The final look of the night was a show-stopping dark blue sheer and striped dress, which definitely reminded us of a blue print influenced by Rachel Sin’s Architecture background.


Di Carlo Couture @ TW

This stunning collection by Antoinette Di Carlo was absolutely dazzling and feminine. Looks for this line ranged from patterned floral mesh gowns with feather headpieces to more edgy designs featuring darker structured skirts that played down the femininity. Delicate evening gowns made of exquisite fabrics and decorated with lace, beading and more elegant detailing were paired with polished jewelry and natural makeup looks, exhibiting Di Carlo’s attention for detail. This show featured a wonderful display of genuine glamour and sophistication with added character and charm.


Joseph Tassoni @ TW

The final show of the night was the brilliant and highly anticipated collection of Joseph Tassoni. Glamour meets functional outerwear with this high fashion range of fur trimmed structured coats and boots, fringe jackets, and warm textured dresses. These designs did not simply stick to standard dark Fall/Winter colours however, as the collection progressively moved towards colourful and patterned outerwear that are the ultimate stylish pieces to wear in the colder months. From purple, pink, yellow and red, the collection had something for everyone…even men, with Paul Mason modeling a few of Tassoni’s best men’s outwear pieces. Nonetheless, the best and most jaw-dropping finale involved the gorgeous “Snow Queen” look featuring a beautiful white coat, light grey headscarf and alluring floral green crown. Joseph Tassoni knows how to put on a show and he is definitely a designer to look out for!

Written By: Sanah Ahsan 
Photography By: Che Rosales