TW (Toronto Women’s Fashion Week) is fresh, innovative, impressive, and it’s right around the corner – are you ready?

There are three days of women’s runway shows, boasting more than a dozen incredible designers ready to impress with the best of their Fall/Winter 2017 Collections.  If you are not among the lucky ones who snagged a full three-day all-access pass, you may find yourself trying to figure out exactly which individual shows might be the best for you to attend this season.  (SPOILER ALERT: every show is kind of epic, as these Canadian designers are all at the top of their game.  So it’s a win-win, no matter where you end up.)

With such a stacked lineup, it can be tricky to narrow down the choices.  Let us help.  Playing cupid, we broke down six different style personalities and paired them to the designer we thought might very well be a match made in fashion heaven.  Enjoy the show, snap some pics, and prepare to want to buy the entire collection.

Zoran Dobric (Photo:


If you like to lead the pack and crave clothes with a little drama, spot your next standout piece at these back-to-back shows.  Evan Biddell pushes the envelope with innovative, futuristic designs that are sure to get your creative juices flowing.  Stay for Roch Matuszek, who fuses art worlds to bring an operatic interpretation to his collection, underscoring individuality, structure and contrast.  Zoran Dobric finishes out the bold trifecta with his unique yet wearable garments, creating original textiles using digital print and artisanal techniques, such as embroidery and hand painting.  Transcending beyond the runway, these pieces tell a story of art, culture and folklore.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.  

Stephan Caras (Photo: @littleblackpearls)


If a slice of luxury has a special place in your heart, we have got a feast for you. These designers pair the finest luxury materials with impeccable tailoring to create looks that will make your jaw drop. No one makes celebrity-worthy gowns like masters Stephan Caras and Mikael D, or captures red-carpet youth like promising newcomer Lesley Hampton. Peggy Sue is also poised to make a statement this year, with beautiful knits and textures that are meticulously crafted and ethically sourced. Bringing the heat, Hendrixroe fuses vintage glamour with edgy rock & roll, creating opulent pieces that are sure to stop a room. Whether you are on the prowl for that ultimate parka for your next chalet getaway (Joseph Tassoni) or need inspiration for a sophisticated bridal look (Di Carlo Couture), we have your inner superstar covered.

Rachel Sin (Photo: @rachelsinstyle)


If you like polished pieces that you can slip on to look effortlessly pulled together, your go-to shows are Miriam Baker and Rachel Sin.  These designers understand what the everyday woman wants in order to look smart and sophisticated, with an array of ready-to-wear dresses that make you look as confident as you feel.

Mikael D (Photo:


If you celebrate classic pieces and prefer nuanced, delicate details that highlight your femininity, we have a feeling you might fall for Shelli Oh, who is known for her soft, ethereal pieces and David Dixon, who’s mastered elegant day and evening wear.  These collections showcase simplified silhouettes, with a focus on materials and texture.  Both of these designers nail the modern yet timeless look in the prettiest way possible.


KQK (Photo: @sandrinecastellon)


If you are known to rock your boyfriend’s hat or shirt better than he does, and like to sprinkle in a little edge to take your look into the next level, you need KQK and Luis Padilla in your life.  Both labels are known for their androgynous, minimalistic designs with clean lines and neutral tones, creating clothes that are ready-to-wear for the modern crowd.  These threads have a composed ease about them, meshing high quality craftsmanship with a low-maintenance feel, delivering tomboy swagger in spades.  If you are attending either of these shows, you might want to buy an extra ticket for your favourite fella – he might just spot his next most-worn piece here too.

David Dixon (Photo: George Pimental)


If you are someone who likes to change it up and keep your options open (heels and silk one day, baseball cap with runners the next), TFS Emerging Talent is a multi-faceted collection featuring multiple designers to keep your evolving taste piqued.  This collection offers diverse looks, ranging from couture to ready-to-wear.  Show up here and you’ll be rewarded with spontaneity and freshness – you never know who you might discover as Canada’s latest and greatest up-and-comer.

Written by: Suzanna Ornoch