Clothing brand FESVEDY was founded by GEORGIAN designers Marita and Kakha Beri in 2014 in VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA. MARITA MAMUCHASHVILI is a fashion designer from GEORGIA, EUROPE. Marita graduated from "TBILISI STATE ACADEMY OF ART" in 2013 and earned her master's degree. She made collection called "CRYPTOGRAM", which she represented on several fashion weeks- "TBILISI FASHION WEEK", "VANCOUVER FASHION WEEK", exhibition in London, UK. In 2013, during her visiting in Vancouver, Marita met an independent artist Kakha Beri, who attended Marita's show at VFW 2014 S/S and they became friends and business partners. Marita and Kakha Beri founded fashion brand "FESVEDY" in 2014. They created collection inspired by FIRST NATION ART in 2014, which they represented at VFW 2015 F/W and ECO FASHION WEEK VANCOUVER 2015 F/W. Fashion brand Fesvedy produces high end apparel for women and men. Clothes are designed by professional designers Marita and Kakha beri. Garments are constructed in Georgia by experienced professional garment constructors.