KQK is an urban Canadian fashion label known for its synthesis of classic tailoring and downtown streetwear. Avid lover of music and travel, founder and designer Karen Quirion captures in her craft the relentless energy of contemporary punk: independent, minimalistic, elusive, magnetic and forever young.

By pairing dark colors with eye-catching shades and by experimenting with new shapes, KQK documents the fleeting, novelty-seeking temperament of modern punk in a hybrid and non-binary wardrobe. As a result, the clothes are sophisticated and humble, yet endowed with a defiant and uncensored attitude, thus blending elegance with nonchalance.

In her early twenties, Karen Quirion graduated in Fashion Design at the Campus Notre-Dame de Foy in Quebec before obtaining a master’s degree in Fashion Communication and Public Relation from Istituto Europeo di Design in Milan. After her intensive studies, she debuted her own KQK fashion label in 2012. Since then, the line has pursued its worldwide expansion and has been presented in major cities such as New York, Montreal, Toronto, Milan and Paris.