Creative Director, fashion designer, stylist and model are only a few of Ifigenia Papadimitriou’s roles at LAMARQUE. She is the face of the brand and perfectly represents the quintessential LAMARQUE woman — driven, passionate and oh- so fashionable.

Montreal born and raised, Geni graduated from College Lasalle’s School of Design. While completing her studies, she worked alongside designer Kevin Allwood for the Canadian label Nevik for nearly five years.This is where she had her first glimpse into the industry and fell in love with fashion — the rest was history.

She joined LAMARQUE in 2010 and was quickly thereafter appointed the role of Director of Design. She has repositioned and rebranded what was a classic, heritage leather house known for its traditional craftsmanship rather than for its design innovation, into a label that is now flashing prominently on the fashion radar.

Geni’s design vision strives to achieve a balance between contemporary cuts and traditional materials, between trend and timelessness. Always with the LAMARQUE woman in mind, Geni takes her design cues from the latest runways, global street style and from the natural materials that she has always respected and appreciated, namely leather, shearling, silk and wool. She is known for pushing the envelope in the leather industry creating styles that are innovative and new.

She is constantly traveling in between the fashion capitals of the world and tanneries and mills in search for new materials, colors, textures, and treatments to create her upcoming collections.

Furthermore, in 2017, she launched a fashion blog called FASHION X IFIGENIA to show her followers how she styles her LAMARQUE favourites and to offer her readers a glimpse of the day-to-day activities of a fashion designer and an exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the creative process.