In the early 2000’s, Pascal Labelle, the man behind the brand of the same name, started his own company of made-to-measure coats. He mixes his knowledge of tailorsuit, leathergoods and furrier to creates pieces giving particular attention to details, layout of fabrics and quality. With his know-how and skill, he creates original coats to fit the characters of each customer who wears them. Working mostly with leather, fur and cashmere, his designs are inspired by the stories and lifestyles brought to him by his clients. Pascal Labelle’s design-range knows no boundaries, from the high-powered career professional to real-life rock star.

In 2017, is launched. With the desire to offer his personalized pieces on a broader range, Pascal Labelle offers high quality urban lifestyle pieces with the same attention to details. Mixing raw materials and styles, Pascal Labelle provides unique pieces that answers to diverse needs and clientele. The brand is proud to follows the motto: United by difference. This vision expresses the desire to connect people from various background and lifestyle with pieces that are universal. Pascal Labelle is about defying expectations.