pcp Clothing


Sylvia Mancini

Sylvia Is the Communications Manager and Manager and Co-Owner PCP Clothing Inc. Sylvia graduated from the University of Toronto with an Honours Bachelor of Science. She has an extensive research background being the Lab Manager of many laboratories at the University of Toronto. Despite her heavy science background, her interest in fashion developed through her passion for green technology and sustainability. Through a school project, she learned the “dirty laundry” on the clothing industry. When partnering with PCP Clothing, she made it her mission to add sustainability and ethical business practices to the brand. Thus, she has contributed to the company’s ongoing pursuit to maintain local partnerships with manufacturers, and use and experiment with eco-friendly fabrics. She has implemented a full sustainability audit ensuring the company utilizes products from local vendors where available, and has also been involved in low-waste initiatives such as using left over fabrics for accessories. Her mission and passion is to “Make the world a better place, and look great doing it!”

Pella Christina Papachristou

Pella Christina Papachristou is the Design Director and Founder of PCP Clothing, the unisex label that was founded in 2014 in Greece. After finishing her degree in Fashion and Textile Design, she decided to follow in the footsteps of the family business in clothing manufacturing and start her own label. PCP Clothing has developed into an international brand, that has surpassed all expectations in an otherwise difficult time for the country. Beginning in the city of Thessaloniki, PCP Clothing now has an international online presence. What started off as a university project, has now become the inspiration to the modern 80’s themed leggings, clothing line, and accessories that are beating all odds during an economic crisis. “When your work is rewarding,” says Papachristou, “it is your responsibility to contribute back to society. That’s why we love glitter so much: through spreading our Glitter Anarchy we spread magic to the world.”