Caron Rondilla

Caron Rondilla is an aspiring designer born and raised in Scarborough Ontario. He enrolled in the Fashion Arts program at Seneca with the aspiration of creating his own clothing line. He went into the program with a love for sneakers and design and throughout the program he learned how to create looks for the entire wardrobe. Caron takes inspiration from everyday life and looks to expand even the most mundane objects beyond their limits. He strives to represent his designs in a way everyone can understand or relate to


Sepideh Ghahremani

Sepideh Ghahremani is a Toronto multidisciplinary artist, who has always been passionate about Fashion and Art. After graduating from Art University of Tehran in 2004, she worked as a painter and art teacher, and has held many individual painting exhibitions in Tehran, Dubai and Toronto. Sepideh also launched her own clothing line, MISSY COLLECTION, in Tehran. Prior to moving to Canada in 2013 to continue her education in Seneca’s Fashion Arts program, Sepideh designed clothes for different companies such as HALLEY and Atoos Collect as well. As a student, she won first place in the 2016 Creative Catwalk competition. Also, after collaborating as LIDIJA’s designer assistant in Vancouver Fashion Week 2016, Sepideh presented her collection “Forest Glory” in August 2017 in the ATSC Fashion Show. She also recently showed her collection for spring/summer 2018 named “DEEVA” at Vancouver Fashion Week 2017.
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Ruiyan Luo

Ruiyan Luo was born and raised in China and developed a love for traditional Chinese painting, water colours and oil painting at a young age, which led her to study Interior Design at Northumbria University in the United Kingdom. After her time in the UK, Ruiyan’s other passion for fashion design brought her to Seneca’s Fashion Arts program. Ruiyan’s work has since evolved to showcase timeless quality design and the preservation of traditional techniques, which are interpreted for the 21st century.


So Young Park

So Young Park was born in Seoul, South Korea, where she was taught knitting and embroidery by her mother. When she was 15 years old, she decided to pursue a career in fashion after seeing Alexander Macqueen’s collection for the first time. From 2009, So Young lived in Huntsville, Ontario, before moving to Oakville, Ontario where she graduated high school.  She studied illustration and hand drawing for two years, and then enrolled in the Fashion Arts program at Seneca. In March of 2015, So Young represented Seneca at the Hempel Awards in Beijing, where she met global fashion designers and was introduced to cutting-edge fashion trends. She is always looking to create innovative designs and explore all areas of fashion.

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Yana Manta

Kinoo Arcentales (Yana Manta) is an artist of South American indigenous (Kichwa) and Mestizo heritage. Born into a family of artists in 1992, Kinoo was exposed to various types of art at an early age. His role models are his grandmothers on both sides of his family: one being a business owner, and the other, a retired fashion designer. Living a semi-nomadic lifestyle for most of his life, he has traveled through numerous places in Canada and Ecuador, which has inspired most of his work. While he never expected to pursue fashion professionally, Kinoo not only found passion for the industry. but was also awarded the Rowenta Best in Show Award at the Redefining Design show in 2016. Constantly surrounded by art and culture, Kinoo has found his main inspiration and purpose from his native heritage. Knowing the history of his people and the stereotypical views of indigenous groups, Kinoo is working to change these perceptions through his vision YANA.

Kinoo Arcentales
Yana Manta


Alice Zhu

Alice was born in China, and grew up surrounded by art.  She moved to Canada in 2002, graduated from the Fine Arts program at her high school, and decided to study the challenging subject of fashion.  Alice fell in love with fashion design her first day at Seneca, where she found every project to be challenging and exciting. She was the recipient of the School of Fashion Excellence Award in 2014 and graduated with honours.


Rhonique Ballantyne

Rhonique grew up on the island of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  Her artistic inclination started at an early age, as she watched her grandmother create both home decoration products as well as custom garments.  Despite her love for fashion, Rhonique pursued a career in law but was always fascinated with fashion.  In 2011 she migrated to Canada and attended Seneca for Fashion. In 2017 she was awarded “Best in Show” and “Most Media Ready” at Seneca’s Redefining Design show. Rhonique also won first place in the 2016 regional Creative Catwalk competition where she had to create an outfit embodying the legendary “Prince.”

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Ivan Liang

The “Work in Progress” collection, designed by Ivan Liang, is inspired by how memory works in the human brain, and is also inspired by humanity and emotions. The collection portrays the process of putting memories back together and the message is that people should cherish the present moments before they become memories. Ivan Liang was born in Shenyang, China in 1995.  He was drawn to fashion in his early life while watching his grandmother knit and sew. During high school Ivan took drawing, and then moved to Toronto. Ivan worked as an intern for Vejas in 2016, and he was the finalist in the Heart of Fashion Hospital Scrub Challenge. Ivan presented a mini collection in the COSA fashion show in 2015, and loves conceptual design and Avant Garde aesthetic.



Siyu Xia

Siyu Xia was born in Beijing, China and studied art at the University of Windsor when she first came to Canada. She loved making creative designs from a young age and was interested in making accessories and simple garments for cosplay exhibitions. While studying art, Siyu grew fond of fashion, and decided move to Toronto to study Fashion Arts at Seneca. After graduation, she plans to build her own designer brand. Siyu believes fashion is an art of language, showing people’s different characters through their apparel.

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Lulu Lin

Lulu Lin is young designer based out of Toronto. She was born and raised in WenZhou China and moved to Canada four years ago to study Fashion Arts at Seneca. Her passions include street dance and drawing. Moving to Canada alone initially scared Lulu but she felt it was an opportunity for growth. One of Lulu’s best friends changed her life by recognizing her talent encouraging her to study fashion. This friendship helped build Lulu’s confidence to pursue her studies in fashion at Seneca. Lulu is dedicated to chasing her dreams no matter how difficult it may be. She believes that one should always follow your heart and chances are always waiting for those brave enough to go for it.

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